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Finding Peace is Simple if You Know How

“When I found Presence with Marieken, I realized this was the one thing that shifted my intense long time suffering into a deep inner joy in a very short time.”

Marnie Glover, Interior Designer

You have come to the right place if…


  • you are a spiritual person and yet you keep finding yourself depressed, worried, anxious, or ungrounded.


  • you are serious about waking up from illusions and mental wheel spinning.


  • you can enjoy clarity in your spiritual practice, but get stressed and stuck again in the grind of daily life.


  • you are gifted at helping others (as a friend, therapist, healer, mentor, coach, etc.) and wish this gift would show up more consistently in your own inner experience.


  • you are willing to stop seeking and chasing after “the light” or “spiritual experiences” or “feeling high” and learn how to be content with both light and shadow.


  • you are ready for an altogether different approach that can be used at any moment of any day, no matter what is going on within you or around you.



How would it be if you could…


  • relax in seconds so you can experience peaceful presence any time no matter ups or downs may be going on within you?
  • compassionately come home to the body to let it naturally and spontaneously return to unconditional well-being?
  • feel love and compassion for yourself as easily as you could feel it for an innocent baby or a lost puppy?
  • consistently access your own inner healer and inner guidance?
  • discover a sense of unconditional contentment with inner ups and downs.



Learn to find inner quiet whenever you notice you have lost it.

On this web site, I share and demonstrate how to navigate the inner life so we can become our own healer and access our own source of well-being.

I help spiritual women who find they worry too much move forward with peace and presence. I model how to compassionately re-connect to our senses to find inner stillness whenever we notice we are lost in mental wheel spinning.

When prioritizing open-hearted sensing over mental ruminating, we access a deeper wisdom and can feel peacefully present no matter what may be happening within us or around us.

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Love Notes

Danke schön, thank you so much for your help and work! It is so new for me to feel, feel my body, feel my feelings – and I don’t have to do anything – neither blaming nor reacting. With the hightening awareness of my feelings/sensations, I become aware of Presence: a birthright of all beings. Presence is inclusive and accepting, and in its totality a miracle. Marieken, I thank you for this gift!

Heidemarie Holmes

Artist and Art Educator

Working with Marieken has taught me to love myself, something I’ve heard all my life I need to do, but never understood how. I’ve never felt anything like Presence before, it’s very different from other meditations I have done.  Marieken has also helped me to see new perspectives in my relationships, thus bringing more love, trust, and peace into my life. She has shown me how to open my heart to heal deeply painful issues I have been carrying for lifetimes. 

Melissa Berard

Psychic Medium

Marieken, you offer deep compassion and understanding.  Empathy is one of you gifts. You have a totally non judging attitude; I always feel I could tell you anything and you wouldn’t blink an eye.  You’d understand completely and not think I was strange.   You have a real gift for being totally present and being there with your full undivided attention.  Your discernment is really amazing.  You have wonderful insights.  Last but not least, you are really kind and have a nice sense of humor.

Patricia Conte-Nelson

Interfaith Minister

Marieken is courageous in letting go, in following her intuition, in walking her talk, and sharing it all for anyone who wishes to learn from her. She uses her own journey of self awareness, acceptance and love to help others in theirs. 

Just as you can shift your perception of an optical illusion, she teaches you to shift your perception to allow you to see a different perspective. Marieken’s guidance makes you aware that you need not allow your mind to take you on a trip you don’t want to take.  She teaches you to let the thoughts be while gently nudging you to a place of peace, acceptance and love.

Of course this takes practice. And that is where Marieken’s commitment and dedication to her students comes in with daily group phone meditations.  The best analogy I can come up with is she keeps the candle in the window lit and the home fire burning with these calls. I often hear her voice in my head and it is almost a trigger that allows me to let go and relax.

Carol Simpson

Retired Business Manager

When I found Presence with Marieken, I realized this was the one thing that shifted my intense long time suffering into a deep inner joy in a very short time.

Marnie Glover

Interior Designer

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