Marieken Volz

Marieken Volz

Spiritual Mentor

Marieken is a grounded spiritual mentor who cuts through all the spiritual fluff and bullshit. She experientially shares with those who seriously seek how and where to naturally find presence, inner peace, self-compassion, contentment, and spiritual fulfilment.
Marieken turns spiritual seekers into spiritual finders by teaching simple truths and sharing the actual experience of finding.

Deep gratitude for your loyal unflagging support to me and so many others. Your golden heart, adept guidance, and generous spirit bless us all

Sharon Michener


What a new experience for me! To actually be silent and experience what I am feeling in my body is very new. I am always ignoring it! Trying to rationalize with my brain or escape it.

Tange Barbour

On the call last night, my heart opened so gently and so warmly to the sweet power of the loving PRESENCE that permeated the call.   That was exceptional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark French

Marieken, Thank you so much for last weekend! I Feel tremendous Gratitude for this beautiful transformation you gave me. Thank you!

Kirill Goldstein

Yoga Teacher

When I found Presence with Marieken, I realized this was the one thing that shifted my intense long time suffering into a deep inner joy in a very short time.

Marnie Glover

Interior Designer

The Art of Fulfillment

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