The Art of Fulfillment – A Mini Course

In this self-guided mini course, I hold nothing back!  I freely share this life-changing information. However, nothing beats experience and in person guidance.

To get the most from this material, feel free to get support by:


  • Joining the Facebook group to get support with others on this journey.
  • Getting 1-1 support if you find you need it. I am happy to work 1-1 with you to help you go deeper or overcome obstacles.

The Art of Fulfillment – A Mini Course

The keys to experiencing fulfillment in the midst of life are Presence and Embodiment.

Most people have learned a mental/emotional approach to life that makes us feel stressed.

Outside of spiritual practice, we tend to revert to the habitual way of being that we learned in childhood, which means little or no embodiment or presence.

Most modern people live primarily from their head, reacting to life and to emotions with lots of unproductive and annoying thinking and struggle. This is not natural or how we were born, but this is what we have learned and picked up along the way.

We can unlearn and return to our natural way of embodied living.

Due to years of unfortunate trauma and conditioning and the resulting build up of repressed emotional discomfort stored in our bodies, many people have great difficulty staying grounded and embodied. Living in the mind helps us avoid and manage this scary mess, until this avoidance and control eventually does not work any more.

The price we pay for avoidance and control has become more painful than what we are trying to avoid and control in the first place. Chances are, if you are here, it does not work for you any longer and you are longing for a better way to live a more peaceful enjoyable life.

It is so simple, a baby can do it. It is also so simple, your mind may want to dismiss it.  Don’t underestimate how life changing simple things can be.  I have taken my experience of 40 years of spiritual practices and present the essence here in a secular and universally applicable way.  Enjoy!

The Art of Fulfillment – An Experiential Journey

With this mini-course, you will be able to:


  • open to the sense of peaceful presence
  • overcome obstacles to feeling peaceful no matter what may be going on in life
  • heal yourself any time
  • approach emotional and physical discomforts so you can feel more grounded and at ease in life
  • enjoy simple practices to bring you back to inner peace whenever
  • connect to like-minded people on the same journey
  • receive support on your journey if you decide you need it


Why this Course?

Module 3

Healing your Life

Module 1

Presence and Embodiment


Getting the Mind on Board

Module 2

Overcoming Obstacles

Please note: I do not diagnose or treat medical or mental conditions, nor should any suggestions I make be accepted in place of medical advice. Please consult a professional health care practitioner if you are suffering from physical or mental ailments. Terms of service.


I offer this mini-course with deepest gratitude towards my friend Reinier Bosman from Holland who discovered and developed Presence4life and first introduced me to experiencing presence through resonance, vision, hearing, and felt-sense. I was blown away with how simple and effective it was. 

Although I now differ somewhat in my approach to teaching presence, Reinier's work is at the basis of much in this course.

I will be forever grateful for that moment in which Reinier pointed out my completely quiet mind. What a relief that was after a lifetime of compulsive thinking to notice it was quiet inside and I was completely present, grounded, and alert.

Reinier Bosman has encouraged me to freely teach what he has shown me according to my own experience and insights as his strongest wish is for presence to be experienced by all of humanity.