In a gift economy the more you give, the richer you are

~Charles Eisenstein

My goal is to support myself while serving people of all income levels. Therefore, I have chosen the “pay what you can and what feels good” or “gifting” model of doing business.

What should I pay for our sessions?

What you contribute is entirely up to you, yet often people have asked for guidance on what to contribute.

A simple formula:

Take your yearly income from all sources and divide by 1000.  For most people this would give a reasonable and sustainable fee to offer in return for one session with me. If you make a longer term commitment to working with me and you are on the lower end of the income scale, you may want to go a bit lower than this to make it sustainable.


Or, here is what others have paid:


  • Some people with few resources have paid as little as $15-25 per session. People with virtually no resources (homeless, disabled) have paid nothing.
  • Most people with full-time jobs or other resources have paid around $40-60 per session.  This rate adequately supports my livelihood.
  • Some people who have better incomes and resources have chosen to support my work by paying rates of  $75-100 per session. This generosity makes up for the low income people I help for lower rates, and in some severely financially insecure cases, even for free.

Thanks for your Support!

You can conveniently make your payment via PayPal.

Your contributions are much appreciated!

Why do I offer my work on a reciprocal gift or “pay what you can” basis?

In short, because this is the way I wish the world would work.  I am choosing to live by the golden rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

I believe it is possible for humanity to evolve to an economy based on trust and offering and receiving gifts.  This is my little contribution to this vision.

Gifting reflects my growing faith in abundance, in reciprocity, and in you.

Thank you for playing!


With Love,


Other Gift Economy Resources:

“A fee for (a) service tends to cut off the force of gratitude.

The point is that a conversion, in the general sense, cannot be settled upon ahead of time. We can’t predict the fruits of our labor; we can’t even know if we’ll really go through with it.

Gratitude requires an unpaid debt, and we will be motivated to proceed only so long as the debt is felt. If we stop feeling indebted we quit, and rightly so.

To sell a transformative gift therefore falsifies the relationship; it implies that the return gift has been made when in fact it can’t be made until the transformation is finished. A prepaid fee suspends the weight of the gift and de-potentiates it as an agent of change.

Therapies and spiritual systems delivered through the market will therefore tend to draw the energy required for conversion from an aversion to pain rather than from an attraction to a higher state.”

Charles Eisenstein

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

Into The Open Economy: How Everything You Know About The World Is About To Change

This is a wonderful little book, written by my friend Colin Turner, the founder of The Free World Charter. It is an easy read that will give you an understanding of a new kind of economy that is possible. The open economy would serve humanity as a whole. The best part is that we do not have to wait for the powers that be to catch on to their unsustainable ways. There are small steps anyone can take to expand the open economy already operating in everyone’s life. Thank you Colin Turner for this gem of a book. I hope it will help change the world!

When I found Presence with Marieken, I realized this was the one thing that shifted my intense long time suffering into a deep inner joy in a very short time.

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