296601_4578139895956_590910491_nI would love to hear from you!

If you would like to have a chat and a taste of my work to find out how I can best be of service to you, let me know!  You can contact me by email.

My email address is mariekenvolz@gmail.com

I am currently only taking new clients it they are already seriously practicing what I write about on this website, or similar, and need help getting through the deeper, more challenging inner work.

Before making an appointment, please read terms of service and only proceed if you agree.

If you would like to book an exploratory session, please answer the following questions in your email:

1. What are you seeking? What is your deepest desire?

2. What is your current practice?

3. What are you struggling with?

4. I only meet with new clients via phone or Skype, etc. between 1 – 3 pm on some Wednesdays or 10 – 12 am on some Mondays and Fridays.  Please indicate your preferred time slots.

5. Please keep in mind that currently, all my sessions are offered in the spirit of gifting.  This means I am asking you to determine what compensation feels good in your heart, is fair considering your means, and represents a serious commitment to working with me.  While you will not need to come to a determination until after we have met, please contemplate this in the meantime, so we can discuss it. More info on my gifting philosophy can be found here.

Feel free to send me your questions or comments.

Thank you for your interest.

With love,


When I found Presence with Marieken, I realized this was the one thing that shifted my intense long time suffering into a deep inner joy in a very short time.

Marnie Glover

Interior Designer

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Please note: I do not diagnose or treat medical or mental conditions, nor should any suggestions I make be accepted in place of medical advice. Please consult a professional health care practitioner if you are suffering from physical or mental ailments. Terms of service.