Is it time for a change?

  • Are you happy with your state of being and fulfillment, … or are you on a roller coaster ride and your state of being fluctuates with your circumstances, happy one moment and not so the next?
  • Are capable of great love and compassion for others, … but struggle to offer yourself the same?
  • Do you experience contentedness and peace no matter what is happening around you,  or only when things are going “your” way?
  • Is your deeper experience stress free even when life is stressful, … or are you stressed out by life events?

If your inner experience is overwhelming and inconsistent, I understand. Our inner life can be a challenging journey and most of us never learn how to attend to what is most intimate to us, our inner experience. And too often, I see the most amazing souls struggle because  they never reach out for support and guidance.

We have learned to smile and bear it. We frequently hide what is really happening inside.  We learn to pretend to others that we are okay and lose touch with what is real and true to us. It may seem to make sense as our whole culture is doing it. Everywhere we look we see are shining smiling faces and our main greeting is: How are you? Answered with an obligatory: Great!

We learn to seek for greener pastures outside of ourselves or to “do do do” and “achieve achieve achieve” in an effort to fill the lack of loving attention to what deeply matters most to us, our relationship with our inner selves.

Why Spiritual Mentoring?

I realized I wanted to put my training and life experience to use in a fundamental and radical place: the inner life.  This where we encounter our unmet needs that wreak havoc in our lives and relationships. This is the only place where we can fully meet and fulfill them.

If we neglect the inner deficiencies, everything else we do is like polishing and putting make up on the mirror and hoping we will look better.

As a Spiritual Mentor, I help you bring attention to the unmet needs inside and show you how to effortless meet them so you experience inner peace and the more beautiful feelings that are available from there.  Once we access peace within ourselves, this will spill over to our relationships and other areas of our lives as well.

With mentoring you can avail yourself of my 40+ years of spiritual practice, my training as a mediator and process facilitator, and 18 years of radically walking my talk in terms of meeting, befriending, and making peace with my inner demons.

For the last 12 years I have been mentoring people to experience life from a deeper open-hearted space of peace and radical self-kindness. I started out just sharing my experience with friends. They encouraged me to step outside of the conventional models and offer this gift to those who resonate with my essage.

I believe that what they call enlightenment or awakening is really just loving yourself exactly as you are today. The highest possible spiritual path is to love yourself exactly as you are, with no agenda and no destination. I have no agenda for those with whom I work, but to love them and meet them where they are so they can begin to experience life the way it was meant to be experienced. 

What clients are saying:


When I found Presence I realized this was the one thing that shifted my intense long time suffering into a deep inner joy in a very short time.  I now have a tool that I know works every time. Sometimes I need the support of others to help me shift into Presence and once I am there I know everything is taken care of. 

Mentoring with Marieken has changed my many years of suffering to a miraculous joyful life beyond my wildest dreams.  She has taught me how important it is to experience what I am feeling in my body and to be aware of my vibration.  I now feel through my challenges (sometimes need support) and have more gratitude than I knew I was capable of.  She has helped me to create a new miraculous normal. And everyday is filled with wonder.

Marnie Glover

Interior Designer

Marieken is remarkable. She is a master at holding the space of presence. This mastery is the result of her own “walking the walk”. She knows how to access the deeper feelings of Love, Gratitude, Compassion and Appreciation with felt-sense Awareness. 

In a mentoring sessions, it is as if she is inseparable from you. She intuitively and skillfully keeps you focused on the vibrational quality of your experience and out of the mind chatter.

Since I began mentoring with her, life has changed dramatically. I am truly living from my heart, for the first time after forty years of spiritual work. I am happy and when stuff comes up, I bring it into presence and allow it to be bathed in Love as Marieken teaches.

If you are ready and willing to move into the depth of experience of your true Self, for the purpose of living from Love, there is no one I know who is better to guide you than Marieken. 

Gordon Scarritt

Meditation Teacher and Author

During a time of great turmoil, uncontrolled anxiety and stress I turned to Marieken for one-on-one mentoring. I trusted that “when the student is willing, the teacher will appear,” and that’s what happened.

Working with Marieken has been a wonderful experience. She is compassionate, deeply caring, insightful and objective. I never feel judged by her. I am allowed to be myself, encouraged to discover myself, and express myself with joy and self love.

Going into Presence with Marieken is a profound experience. My mind can be raging out of control and Presence with Marieken calms it within seconds. I’ve reached deep states of highest vibration with Marieken, feeling joy, appreciation, gratitude, and love flow through me, expanding me and connecting me with my body, with her, with all of nature and humanity.

I’ve learned to control my anxiety and stress, and actually relish the contrast these states provide without resisting them. I’m learning to embrace the whole of my experience—the fear and the joy, the chaos and the peace. It’s all me and it’s all wonderful.

I recommend working with Marieken wholeheartedly. She offers a very honest practice, meaning that she draws on all she has learned and all the wisdom she’s accumulated to assist the person she’s working with to walk their own path. Not her path, but their path. She has no hidden ego-driven agenda. She is a very lovely person and I am honored to recommend her. I am very grateful she is with me on my journey.

Thea Reidy

Artist and Wildlife Rehabilitator

Marieken, I just want to tell you how much the calls mean.Working with you has changed my life!

I now feel way more comfortable with what & how I am feeling. I have identified ways I have of dodging certain uncomfortable feelings such as, embarrassment over something I said.  Instead of labeling  an emotion as say, sadness, I can now stop myself & ask myself what I am feeling & where in the body I am feeling it & many times I actually feel pretty okay.

I feel a lot more at peace with myself & in general. When some things happen that used to really trigger me  many times I laugh & say to myself “Wow! That would’ve really pissed me off!”

Your sense of humor , compassion, & lack of being judgmental always make feel comfortable & free to authentically share what I am feeling.


Joy Kullberg

Artist and Astrologer

Marieken, I wish to deeply thank you for the amazing mentoring sessions we had. 

With your guidance I came to a major breakthrough not only in the depth and breath of Presence I can now enter, but a giant leap forward in my spiritual evolvement.

Your kindness, understanding and wisdom were strongly felt and appreciated by me throughout our sessions together.

Rochelle Gordon

Author and Life Coach

Spiritual Mentoring: what we will cover?

Would you like to find and live in the space of amazing peace and loving-kindness within yourself?

Knowing the spiritual teachings or having fleeting experiences are not enough. When the rubber meets the road, when your Achilles heel gets hit and your deficiency stories are triggered, when you are in the midst of suffering from longing, anxiety, grief, anger or some other inner struggle, it can be amazing and miraculous to have someone gently bring you back to Source and Presence and Love.

It can be very helpful to have someone who is anchored in Peaceful Presence and Radical Kindness at that time to hold you in a loving space and point you in the right direction while you reconnect to your own Inner Peace, Wisdom, and Guidance.

When two  come together in loving presence, this love and presence shows up bigger and better and amazing things can happen: insights, healing, miracles!

In times of distress, our work can be about returning to wholeness. When feeling more at ease, our work can be about getting accustomed to living from the peaceful loving space of presence as your stable basis. When stable in presence, our work can be about nurturing radiance (attending to feeling and living in the higher energies available) so the realm of co-creation and true fulfillment opens to you.

Are you ready for a new paradigm? Are you motivated to create real and lasting change in how you approach and experience your life? Are you done with struggling within yourself, feeling you are not enough, or at odds with your circumstances?  Are you ready to get to the root of things?

Are you willing to take a new approach to your life and letting kindness and presence do the work for you?  If you are, I am excited to help.

I invite you to let me help you experience that you already have everything you need to be fulfilled.


  • Learn to live intrinsically happy, in love, and at peace with yourself regardless of your circumstances.
  • Be effortlessly guided to let loving presence hold the body so you can feel spiritually connected with two feet firmly planted on the ground. 
  • Learn simple spiritual alchemy. Feel suffering naturally transmute  into peace and love and beyond!
  • Get in touch with  your heart’s true desires and your own inner wisdom.
  • Learn to attend to your radiance so you will create an inspired and supported life. 

What is included?

In order to achieve profound and lasting results most people do best with ongoing support and consistent reinforcement of new ways of being and self-relating over time, until the changes become patterned in the body and automatic. When we spend time together, we will be attuned to Presence and Radiance and we reinforce this week after week.

Mentoring with me consists of 55 minute sessions every week or 2 weeks or month depending on your needs.  I recommend beginning with weekly sessions for a minimum of 2 months to help establish new habits of being and healing.

I wish for you to be able to stay present to lovingly meet any triggered emotion, anxiety, deficiency story, energetic sensation until it naturally transmutes.

During the time of our working together:

  • You will receive (55 minute) mentoring sessions.
  • You have unlimited email and text access and may request short check in calls if needed.
  • You are encouraged to  join in on daily Presence Meditation Calls as you are able, to support and strengthen the gains you are making in a community of like-minded people.
  • You are encouraged to join a closed Facebook group where you can ask questions and give and receive support.
  • I may create personalized audio meditations upo request for you after sessions for you to use as needed.


My aim is to work deeply with you and help you create a self-sustaining self-empowered path of growth, while experiencing lasting unconditional inner ease and fulfillment.

I aim to be very available and attentive to you and your needs. I will only work with a very limited number of ongoing clients so I can be very available to each.

If you are interested in working with me, please sign up for a free initial trial session, during which I can show you how I work and answer any questions.

Pricing and Payment

You may make payments after beginning sessions via Paypal or by sending a check.

When I found Presence with Marieken, I realized this was the one thing that shifted my intense long time suffering into a deep inner joy in a very short time.

Marnie Glover

Interior Designer

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